Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Coupon Clippers Help You Save Huge

I mentioned in a previous post about the benefits of stockpiling and how it could save your family a tremendous amount of money. In order to save really big, however, you must have a large stash of coupons on hand for that particular item that is on sale. Enter The Coupon Clippers.

The Coupon Clippers lets you search for available coupons on their website and pay a small fee to order them. This is especially helpful if you do not have access to print coupons or if your newspaper doesn't carry them anymore. You can order a large batch of the same coupon all at once.

For example, in anticipation of fall sales on soups and canned goods, I ordered 20 soup coupons worth .50 each and 10 canned vegetable coupons worth $1.00 each. Since my store doubles coupons up to a dollar, these .50 coupons are actually worth $1.00. That makes the total coupon savings worth $30! I paid ONE DOLLAR for 20 of the soup coupons and $1.20 for the veggie coupons. Talk about some serious savings!

Note that The Coupon Clippers mandate that your order has to total at least $3.94 before checking out. This shouldn't be hard to do, since many of the coupons can result in fantastic savings.

I hope this helps you save more in the grocery store and become a little more wallet wise!

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