Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Why Stocking Up Can Save You Money

Avid coupon-ers know the value of stocking up on items that go on sale. They save money, time and hassle. If you 're new to couponing, here are some things to know about how stocking up can save you money.
  1. By purchasing items on sale in bulk, you lower your overall monthly cost in groceries. This tactic does not follow a weekly budget, but rather a monthly budget to allow for spending more when there is a weekly sale. If you spend ten dollars more in week one, and ten dollars less in week two because you are stocked up in an item, you will not go over budget. Since the item was on sale, and presuming you were able to use coupons, the overall cost of the item goes down drastically. For example, Kellogg's Nutrigrain Bars regularly run around $3.49 at Meijer. They were on sale this week for $1.99, and coupons were available for $1.00 off of two, making the final cost $1.49. You just saved $2 per box! If you stocked up for a month or two, you would not have to buy any more of these bars until the next sale.
  2. Stocking up allows extra savings even if you only purchase a small stock. In the example above, you would still be saving $2 per box, not matter how many you buy!
  3. Buying in bulk results in less grocery trips. If you buy all of your cereal or another item for a month in one trip, your trips will be shorter and fewer in between.
  4. Stocking up on items when they are on sale creates a instinct that refuses to pay full price. Lastly. buying items and food in bulk while they are on sale creates an attitude that refuses to pay full price since you are used to buying large sums of the item at discounted rates. You will therefore resist the temptation to buy an item because you think you "need" it, and instead wait for it to go on sale again, which saves you loads of money in the end.

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