Tuesday, April 21, 2009

When couponing breaks your budget...

Right now, there are numerous money-saving and coupon blogs out there to help you save money. So what's different about Wallet Wise?

You may have noticed that I do not post every sale that is happening in the Saving on Sunday posts, nor do I post on all the free deals available every week. Why do I do this? Because I find it helpful to only post the sales and deals that I actually consider worthwhile, rather than every one that comes my way. I try to keep this blog from becoming too cluttered with freebies and hot deals, as it goes against the spirit of the blog--saving money. You cannot save money if you are constantly spending it!

As a Christian, I believe in being content with what I have and also being a good steward of the resources (not just money) that God has given me. Because of this, I only go to the drugstores if I see something we need for an extremely good price. I bypass candy, snack and pop deals and sales on items we don't have a need for. If however, I see a freebie on a product I know someone else can use, I buy it and then donate it either to a family member or a charity. I try to do this with my blog as well, while also providing links to actual ads so that my readers can see what else is for sale if they choose to.

Also, just because something is on sale for a really good price doesn't mean that I can still afford it. Being a good steward of my money means budgeting well, so I often bypass wonderful sales in hopes that they will come again when I have the funds to pay for it. For example, my husband and I eat lots of cereal and there was a great deal going on at Meijer's this week for General Mills cereal. I wanted to buy 3 boxes and stock up, but I realized that we needed other things (like milk and bread!) and that we already had 2 boxes in the pantry. This has happened many times, and it is something that I personally have had to learn. When I began couponing, I had no idea what was considered a good sale or how often they pop up. Now that I've been doing it for about 3 months, I have figured out that most sales pop up every so often in multiple stores and that bypassing one does not mean I won't get a chance to get it again.

Yes, Wallet Wise will help you save money on the things you already buy, but I hope also that this blog will teach you to save money by not buying things as well. Finding new frugal ways to use what you already have and make do without will make your wallet (and your spirit) swell with prosperity in a way that constantly indulging yourself can never do.

Thank you all for reading this blog as I strive to uphold these convictions and help others find their own!

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