Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Budget Wednesday: Suze Orman-- Women and Money

For this week's Budget Wednesday, let me introduce you to financial guru, Suze Orman. She has written numerous books on budgeting and handling money the smart way, and her seminars and testimony is something we all can relate to. One of my favorite books authored by her include:

Women and Money: Owning the Power to Control Your Destiny-- "I never thought I'd write a book about money just for women. I never thought it was necessary. So then why am I doing just that in my eighth book? And why now? Let me explain. All my previous books were written with the belief that gender is not a factor on any level in mastering the nuts and bolts of smart financial management. Women can invest, save, and handle debt just as well and skillfully as any man. I still believe that--why would anyone think differently? So imagine my surprise when I learned that some of the people closest to me in my life were in the dark about their own finances. Clueless. Or, in some cases, willfully resisting doing what they knew needed to be done. I'm talking about smart, competent, accomplished women who present a face to the world that is pure confidence and capability. Do you mean to tell me that I, Suze Orman, who make my living solving the financial problems of total strangers, couldn't spot the trouble brewing so close to home? I don't think I'm blind; I just think that these women became very, very good at hiding their troubles from me.Why not? They had years of practice hiding them from themselves."

In this book, Suze goes through the 8 qualities of a wealthy woman as well as a five month 'save yourself' plan that "delivers long-term financial security". To read more and/or purchase this book for a little over 2$, click here. I definitely recommend reading her books and learning what she has to say- certainly a great addition to any library!

Stay Tuned for more on Suze Orman!!

Who are some of your favorite financial gurus?

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