Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Frugal Books: Read and Save Money

Recently I have read two terrific books with an emphasis on frugal living and smart spending. Both uphold the mission of Wallet Wise, and teach valuable saving and spending habits.

The Duggars: 20 and Counting
This book is about the Duggar family. With 18 children, they have managed to avoid debt yet have a 7000 square foot home as well as reliable cars (including a tour bus!). The principles taught in this book are valuable for those wishing to "live like no one else". It has a heavy emphasis on trusting in God to provide for needs, which is a wonderful lesson for all Christians to learn. I checked this book out from my library, but I am planning on buying it since I keep referring to it! Click here to read a review, excerpt and to buy the book.

America's Cheapest Family Gets you Right on the Money

I got this book hoping for some frugal money saving tips, but I got much more than that! The first chapter alone will probably change the way I grocery shop forever. It teaches you step by step how to save money with groceries, as well as how to budget. I have never been taught how to budget so effectiviely as this book did! After I read the chapter on budgeting, I ran to my office to revamp how we do our finances. I plan on doing a special post that highlights this new method because I think many people are painfully unaware of the method that could save them sanity and help streamline, simplify and bring security to their personal finances. Read this book if you are serious about saving money, living better and cashing in your dreams. Click here to read reviews and buy the book.

I hope these two resources will bring you as much help and encouragement in your personal finances as it did ours! If, after reviewing the book from your library, you do decide to purchase the book, please consider doing so from the links on this page. Proceeds from the purchase helps to support Wallet Wise.

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