Friday, June 5, 2009

Friday Fun: Building Your Home Library for Less

I know I already did a post on Friday Fun, but I wrote this article and thought what useful information it could be to my readers. So rather than waiting until next week, here is another Friday Fun post to keep your appetite for Wallet Wise growing.

Do you dream of having your own home library? Are you craving to collect books and fill the spaces on your empty bookshelves but think the price of books is too expensive? Here is how you can build your home library cheaply and easily but utilizing discount book sellers, the internet and your local library.

  1. VISIT GARAGE SALES. Many people sell their used books quite cheaply at garage sales. You might be able to find a whole box of books in good condition for a couple dollars if the seller is eager to get rid of them. Most of the titles will be old, but they will fill space on your bookshelf nicely for little investment. Use craigslist or your newspaper to find out when garage sales are happening at your neighborhood. Try to go to ones that advertise books or multi-family sales.

  2. BROWSE THROUGH EBAY. Many people sell their used books on Ebay to make a little extra money. You can find great deals on collections and individual titles this way. All you need is an Ebay and Paypal account to get started.
  3. SHOP LIBRARY BOOK SALES. Libraries are always selling books to make room for new inventory. It seems every time I visit local branch, there is a huge table full of books for sale as low as .10 each! Many college or university libraries also sell used books for fairly cheap.

  4. SHOP DISCOUNT BOOK STORES. You can purchase gently used books at discount booksellers for more than half the regular newsstand price. Look for the used book shops in your area as well. Rummaging through the aisles will help bring your dream of building your library and collecting books a new reality. Or try, an online bookseller that lets users sell their used books (sometimes all you pay is shipping!). Buy a little at a time, and before you know it, you'll have a home library of your own for a fraction of the cost!
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