Saturday, May 9, 2009

Friday Fun: The Library isn't just for Nerds

I love libraries, and anyone who knows me can ascertain the fact that I consider it quite a fun trip to visit one. Before you stop and label me a nerd (even though it may be partially true), here's why libraries are so great in my book!

1. They are FREE. When you are living on a budget, you have to remind yourself sometimes that no, you cannot buy everything you heart desires. That's where the library comes in. As long as you return your items when they are due, you can check out zillions of books, movies (and yes, there are some good ones there!), magazines and even paintings! (The latter part is definitely true- I once checked out a lovely painting for my bedroom for 3 months)

2. They are CLOSE. Just about every city has a local library nearby, or at least a branch. If not, there is probably something known as the book-mobile that comes by once a week. I grew up in the country suburbs, so visiting the local branch was quite a drive. However, the book mobile came once a week and parked right in front of our grocery, which allowed me access to books. You can reserve a book online to come through to you on your bookmobile just like you can request a book from another branch to be sent to your local one.

3. Activities and Groups. Libraries are great places to visit for their many scheduled activities and reading groups. For kids and teens, there are usually quite a bit of programs going on (especially in the summer months) that are free. I remember attending a craft event at my local library while I was in high school, and we learned how to make personalized stationary and envelopes, which I thought was pretty cool in those days (ok, I still do!). For adults, believe it or not, I have seen a free belly-dance class offered at my library. It was pretty awesome to peek in and see so many ages of ladies shaking their hips to upbeat music.

4. A Wealth of Knowledge. I have to admit, I get quite obsessive about things sometimes. When there is something that I am interested in, such as the writing syndicate that created Nancy Drew, I research the brains out of it. From backpacking and camping to cooking and housekeeping, the library is the perfect place to fill up with more knowledge. Because sometimes, the good old internet doesn't quite cut it and you need a book or two to show you the how or why.

All this talk about libraries is certainly making me want to get some books! I hope this post finds you well this, um, Saturday (I do seem to be getting behind on my days of the week posts!), and that you and your family found a new way to have fun this week without breaking the bank!

To find a local library near you, visit!

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This is so true as you know that I think you are right :o)