Friday, April 17, 2009

Friday Fun: Camping

How many of you own a tent? A sleeping bag? When was the last time you dug them out? If its been a while, now, more than ever, is the time to shake out the dust and get camping again!

Right now, my husband and I are busy planning a road trip to the Grand Canyon. To save money as well as get the most of the experience, we will be camping each night at a National Park. Many other Americans seem to be thinking the same thing. A recent CNN article explored this issue:

"With the economy in a slump, camping seems to be grabbing a new foothold in the travel industry. Once considered by many to be an activity for nerdy families, nature geeks and Boy Scouts, sleeping outside in a tent has become chic -- likely because it is so much cheaper than paying for a hotel room. The activity also strikes a new chord with Americans who want to get back to basics after an era of excess and overspending...(click here to read the rest of the article)"

Campgrounds usually run around 10-25 dollars a night, with State Parks being the cheapest at around 10 dollars a day. What a great way to save money while going on vacation! Since my husband and I love to travel, a tiny budget isn't going to stop us, and it shouldn't stop you either. Sleeping and experiencing the outdoors together as a family or group of friends is a great way to build and strengthen bonds with loved ones.

If you plan on taking a camping vacation this year, be sure to try and reserve a spot at or Popular National Parks fill up quick, so don't wait til the last minute or they might all be gone. I just recently reserved three nights at the Grand Canyon for the month of June and discovered over 2/3rds of the campground was already filled up! Less popular national parks might be less of a problem, but it never hurts! To find a national or state park near you, click here!

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