Monday, March 16, 2009

Win This: Slow Cooker from Heaven

If you know anything about slow-cookers, you are gonna love this giveaway.

The Slow Cooker Mate, which allows you to cook your entire meal in just one crock-pot, is up for the taking at the lovely blog Bargain Brianna. Slow Cookers (AKA Crock-pots) are my go-to appliance for those days when cooking just isn't going to happen. And even though you might already have one, I bet yours doesn't cook a whole meal at once! To enter, leave a comment here.

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Emily said...

Hi Rachel! I love your blog! I haven't delved into the world of couponing just yet, as I find it rather intimidating, especially the whole CVS-thing! I am becoming more inspired to give it a shot, though.

I've entered the blog world now, and it's really fun. We'd love to have you guys over for dinner some time!