Sunday, March 15, 2009

Saving on Sunday: Meijer and Kroger 3/15-3/21

Below are some of the deals going on at Kroger this week. Kroger is featuring a mega-event where you buy 10 participating items and get 5$ off instantly. These items are marked with a *.

Kroger Milk and OJ 1/2 Gallons
On sale $0.88-- This is the lowest I have seen these!

Land and Lakes Butter *
On sale 1.49
Use coupon from 1/25 SS .30/1
Final Price= .90 (or .40 if you buy 10)

Broccoli Florets
On sale .99

On sale .19 each

Colgate Toothpaste*
On sale 1.50
Use coupon from 3/15 (various) .50-.75/1
Final Price= .50 (or FREE if you buy 10)

Rubbermaid Tupperware
On Sale 1.99
Use Coupon from 3/1 for 1$/1

Some of the best Meijer deals are listed below. Meijer is featuring a 10 for 10$ sale where you get the 11th item free. These are always good times to get things for free or cheap! Items marked with a * are part of the 10 for 10$.

Baby Carrots*
On sale 1$

On sale 1$

Giant Green Boxed Veggies*
On Sale 1$
Use coupons from various inserts
Final Price= varies

on sale 1.98

Wheat Thins
On sale 2/5$
Use 3/15 BOGO free coupon
Final price= $1.25/ea. when you buy 2

General Mills Cereal
On sale 2/4$
various coupons from recent inserts

Bush's Best Baked Beans*
On Sale 1$

Meijer Pretzels*
On sale 1$

Crest Toothpaste*
On sale 1$
use coupon from 3/15 PG
Final Price= FREE

As always, remember to consult your local ad for price confirmations and additional sales.

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