Monday, March 23, 2009

Organizing Your Coupons

I had long been overdue when I decided to make this coupon organizer. My coupons were previously put into two different business envelopes, and they were bulging. Not to mention that I could not find anything and had to sort through every single one each time I needed a coupon! I never brought all of my coupons to the store, thinking that I didn't have time to sort through them in the aisle, and as a result, I missed out on what could have been some great deals. Also, I tended to forget what coupons I had and thus many expired before I could use them. The remedy? An organizer!

I know there are some really cute organizers for sale out there, and I probably could have made a prettier one if I spent some more time and money, but I was in desperation mode. Also, I didn't want to spend any money on one, since I don't see the point in paying for something to hold coupons in! That defeats the purpose! So, I looked around the apartment and found the perfect solution: an envelope box!

This organizer works great, and although a little flimsy, it is standing up pretty well. I used the envelopes to create tabs for dividing my coupons. Its amazing how much time I am saving clipping and gathering coupons now! I even take the box with me shopping, that way I never miss out on a could-have-been deal! It didn't take any money and required very little time to construct.

What do you use to organize coupons? Do you use an organizer or just envelopes?

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ValerieNTN said...

Love your idea! It totally shows how inexpensive coupon clipping organization can be. I have tried many methods and am still looking for the one that "fits" me best. I have been using a binder with those baseball card/photo holder pockets and it seems so hard to dig them out of the sleeves. I was thinking of going back to some type of system using envelopes again. Thanks so much for your idea!