Friday, March 20, 2009

Friday Fun: Grow your Garden

With the arrival of spring, flower buds are sprouting up everywhere. This is a great time of the year to start planning your own garden. If you've never considered growing your own veggies or herbs, this would make a great project that you and your loved ones can work on together! Don't have a large space? That's ok, a pot on the porch will do just fine! The price of potting soil, pots and seeds will reap plenty of profit as you spend time tending and watching your garden take shape. Not only can gardening be a great way to save on produce, but it has therapeutic benefits as well!

If you're new to gardening or only have a small space to work with, tomatoes are a great veggie to start with. They are easy to grow and require minimal care. I remember the first tomato plant I grew and how juicy and sweet it was to eat right off the vine. I have heard that cucumbers and zucchini are supposed to be another easy veggie to tend as well, not to mention the wide variety of herbs out there.

Wal-mart is a great place to go for gardening supplies and plants. Although I do not normally like to visit Walmart, their gardening section is somewhat sepereate from the main aisles and they always have knowledgeable staff on hand waiting to help!

Click here for more information on starting your own kitchen garden.


simplyfabulousnow said...

I'm definitely going to check out those links! I would love to plant my own garden this year!

Just found your blog and I think it's great! I'll be reading! :)

Enjoy your weekend!


Emily said...

At our new apartment, there is a tiny balcony that I want to use to grow tomatoes. My dad is going to help me get it started, and I'll definitely be blogging about it. Hopefully it goes well because there are few things more delicious than a juicy, homegrown tomato!