Friday, February 20, 2009

Friday Fun: The New Dinner and Movie

For my first post of Friday Fun, I decided to blog about something my husband and I do quite regularly. Pizza and a movie has long been the traditional date night in our American culture, but as costs continue to rise in theaters, it has become a luxury for many of us. Fortunately, there are some really great alternatives!
One option is to start going to the dollar theater in your area. These theatres will often has specials on certain days of the week, making the tickets even cheaper! Another option is to rent your own movie and watch it at home. With the advent of Redbox and MovieCube, you can rent a new release for only 1$ per day. For those of us who usually rent and only watch the movie once, this is a good deal! Redbox occasionally comes out with coupon codes, making the rental free the first day-- if it is your first time using it, type this code to get it free: REDBOX

My husband and I have also discovered that we enjoy frozen pizzas and homemade pizzas better than delivery. And with the cost of delivery pizza being so high, it really makes sense to buy them yourself. We enjoy Tombstone pizzas-- regular price is only $3.89 at Kroger!

So, if you decide to stay in for your date night tonight, you could get a new movie and a pizza for two for less than four dollars!


Jessica said...

I've never heard of these movie options before - great idea!

Susan said...

We love the inexpensive pizza nights too! I'm a big fan of the cheap frozen pizzas, but my husband isn't as convinced. :D So sometimes we'll make our own pizza instead. Still cheaper than takeout!!